Broth Bitches.
Logo and sticker designs for a Bombay-based small business selling and delivering broth across the city. 2022. 

Initial Sketches.

Hand-painted silks. Logo Design. 2019.

TIA, a venture by Ishita Bhattacharya, takes inspiration from nature to create graceful drapes on silks using French dyes and paints. All works of art have been painted by hand.

Surface Dwellers.
Logo identity commissioned by Surface Dwellers Studios for their multimedia anthology, Los Suelos, CA, benefitting rural laborers across the state of California. Funded in part by an Interledger Foundation Grant for the Web, Los Suelos, CA is an immersive fictional universe of short stories, music, visual art, and a role-playing video game that ties it all together.

The design is an emblem for the fictional city situated in California, playing with the blue dick flower as a signifying aspect of this location. 2021.

Click here for more on Los Suelos.

Seismic Sound Studio.
Logo design for Francisco Jorge’s Seismic Sound Studios, 2021.