Seeking to delve further into the emotional landscapes of several women in the Ramayana, this project presents as a collection of conversations between seven unlikely pairings. It observes through the eyes of various objects and motifs that surround them as witnesses, and offers glimpses into relationships previously overlooked: the Woman and the confidante she was not aware she had, and the voices that fell through the cracks in the telling.

Pen and ink on textured paper. Illustrations are accompanied by poems, not included.

Ahalya | The Rock

Sulochana | The River

Sita | The Lakshmana Rekha

Urmila | The Hair

Kaikeyi | The Mirror

Surpanakha | The Nose Ring

Mandodari | The Marriage Sari
Hand-drawn icons and motifs for a variation of projects including a coffee-table book for NGO Dharma Life and chapter helms for stories from Kommune’s Bookends Anthology: Issue 1, ‘Home’.

Creature Friends.

Odd the ostrich. Oddstrich.

Oddstrich and the Pink Flamingos, coming soon to a hole in the wall near you:

Hedgehog and friends: eg, egg, eggy, egregious, egzample, egalitarian, eggier than thou.

Chameli is a chameleon, negative points for naming skills

Supporting cast includes Raja the Half-Elephant and Shoeshine the Getaway Driver who does not in fact know how to drive and is simply there to have a good time